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June 27th, 2019

Super 6 EVOLVED – Right Mix of Hybrid Cloud

The 2019 evolution is happening.

Last year, we brought you our priorities for the year, a fantastic way for you to frame HPE offerings.

In 2019, Super 6 is evolving.

  • Redefine Experiences at the Edge
  • Right Mix of Hybrid Cloud
  • Storage to Intelligent Flash
  • Unlock Data with AI
  • Transform IT with SW-defined
  • Everything as a Service

In this article we’ll focus on Right Mix of Hybrid Cloud.

So what is ‘Right Mix of Hybrid Cloud’?

Customers need to ask themselves: what is the right mix for their apps and data, now and in the future? They should feel confident and unafraid of the cloud. Let’s explore further.

They’re looking to be fast

But in order to be fast customers need the right technology, which should be intelligent, software-defined solutions, allowing for edge to cloud.

They also need the people to be skilled and the processes in place to keep up with innovation.

And finally, they need the economics; the investment strategies and business models to speed growth. Continuous innovation is required from IT ops to dev-ops.

Moving to cloud to simplify IT and move faster

The following stats show how crucial moving to cloud has become:

38% of organisations plan to host the majority of workloads in private cloud environments by 2020.

30% of organisations plan to host the majority of workloads in public cloud by 2020.

93% of enterprises engage an outside expert to help them design, implement and/or manage their hybrid cloud.

Who to talk to and what to talk about

The cloud strategy team is the team to reach out to. The team may be involved the following stages:

Move – Defining and achieving their right mix of clouds.
Innovate – Launching new services faster with continuous innovation.
Run – Freeing up capacity and driving operational excellence.

HPE OneSphere

The industry’s first hybrid cloud management solution that gives your customers a unified experience across public cloud, on-premises private clouds. It is available through a handy software-as-a-service (SaaS) portal.

Software defined

Start talking with your customer about how HPE’s portfolio of advisory services, solutions, and financing options combine to help them realise a cloud-inspired experience on-premises.

HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack

HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack is a hybrid cloud solution that allows organisations to run Azure consistent services in their data centre, providing a simplified development, management and security experience. Make sure you’re talking to your customers about it.


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