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June 27th, 2019

Super 6 EVOLVED – Unlock Data with AI

The 2019 evolution is happening.

Last year, we brought you our priorities for the year, a fantastic way for you to frame HPE offerings.

In 2019, Super 6 is evolving.

  • Redefine Experiences at the Edge
  • Right Mix of Hybrid Cloud
  • Storage to Intelligent Flash
  • Unlock Data with AI
  • Transform IT with SW-defined
  • Everything as a Service

In this article, we’ll focus on Unlock Data with AI.

So what is ‘Unlock Data with AI’?

Data is the new currency, that’s why we’re investing in new and improved AI solutions in order for customers to gain supreme control and understanding. We’re at the forefront – we’ve invested in Memory-Driven Computing and HPE Superdome Flex.

A great potential opener with your customers – we’re unlocking the power of your data with AI.

High Performance Computing

We’re an industry leader in High Performance Computing (HPC) so we understand what it takes to work. Recent examples include the Hawk supercomputer, the world’s fastest supercomputer for industrial production.

Big Data Analytics

More and more data now comes from the edge, from devices, sensors and machines. Customers are now looking to analyse this data quickly in a hybrid world. We can help customers with our intelligent edge products and Elastic Platform for Analytics solutions.

HPE Superdome Flex

Perfect if your customers are struggling to cope with the demands on their critical data environment – HPE Superdome Flex is modular, flexible and reliable. It scales in order to handle any size power critical applications.


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